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Teal Acrylic Floral Flared DressTeal Acrylic Floral Flared Dress

Teal Acrylic Floral Flared Dress

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Winter Dresses

Fashion is an ever-flowing concept that is not limited to any season. Therefore, when it comes to winter, the demand for stylish outfits is constant. Winter dresses are the most popular of all the fashionable winter wear.

The importance and versatility of winter dresses in women’s fashion

Winter is a season that calls for fashion that incorporates layering. Keeping this fact in backdrop winter dresses are a welcome breather making winter a stylish affair. These dresses are not only versatile but meet your style demands effortlessly. There are a variety of dresses to wear in winter which can blend in perfectly for any event be it a special or a casual one. Thus, having a winter dress handy is a wise idea. 

The growing demand for different types of winter dresses

Acing winter fashion can be a cakewalk with particular winter special dresses. As the winter months in India are just for a while, women love to style, and the most popular pick among winter outfits is winter dresses. This particular section is the most viewed regarding online shopping for winter and is in great demand. From winter wrap dresses to long dresses, mini dresses, and maxi dresses, you have a variety of choices in these new season selections.

Types of Winter Dresses:

Different dresses are available at RustOrange to suit various occasions and specific winter special events. These come in different colour patterns, especially in different fabrics catering to diverse preferences. Below are a few common materials that winter dresses are made up of:

Materials Used

  • Cotton

    Cotton dresses are perfect for milder winter days. Wearing a cotton dress allows you to layer it with a denim jacket or lightweight sheer shrug. Cotton is a breathable fabric, so no matter how much you wear on top, you are bound to feel extremely comfortable.

  • Rayon

    Rayon has a very soft texture. This fabric is a great idea for winter, as the skin tends to dry up quickly in winter. The smooth material makes your skin feel extra comfortable. Also, rayon's moisture-wicking property makes it a popular choice when you want to buy a winter dress.


  • Georgette

    This fabric has an added sheen and drapes beautifully, helping you flaunt a curvy silhouette. It is a perfect addition to your winter outfit, adding an elegant touch. The fabric can make you feel warm without adding bulk, so a pretty lightweight georgette winter dress with a light cardigan can bring you just the right blend of style and warmth.

  • Velvet

    A timeless fabric, velvet offers a soft, smooth, and shiny texture that adds sophistication and a touch of royalty. Velvet is the perfect winter fabric as it provides complete insulation, so you don’t feel cold at all. Therefore, velvets are fabrics for warm winter dresses. They are also available in vibrant shades that are perfect for special occasions.

  • Silk

    One of the most luxurious fabrics, silk has the unique property of providing insulation while being a breathable fabric. This feature makes it a popular choice for winter attire. Also, due to the moisture-wicking property of the material, silk does not allow any sort of sweat build-up and, therefore, makes you feel extremely comfortable.

  • Acrylic

    Acrylic has a woolly, soft texture that makes it an ideal winter fabric. It is also wrinkle-resistant, which makes it very easy to handle during winter months when you wear many layers on top. Acrylic is a versatile, affordable, and durable material. Acrylic dresses for winter are again very much in trend.

Colours and Patterns

To suit various occasions, winter dresses are available in different colours and patterns. There's a dress for every mood.

A variety of colours & patterns are available

For dry and dull winters, colours like burgundy, eclectic blue, bright yellow, fuchsia pink, or turquoise blue are ideal picks. Such deep hues are perfect for adding a pop of colour to your winter wardrobe. If you like softer shades, then opting for beige or pastel light colours like peach pink, baby blue, or blush orange can be a great idea.

Winter is the month of celebrations like Christmas and New Year, or just for winter family picnics; therefore, patterns like Nordic motifs, bells, snowflake designs, isle patterns, and plaids are timeless choices. One can also opt for floral patterns, solids or a no-design look when thinking about women's winter dresses. However, going for winter-themed motifs and the mentioned patterns is a great idea when designing.

Styling Winter Dresses

Styling winter dresses requires no special skill, but a few tips can ramp up your look to a whole new level. Styling your winter outfit can be a fun experience. So, look your fabulous best and be stylish with winter dresses.

Styling tips for different occasions

For occasions like parties, weddings, holidays, and other meetups, wearing a velvet dress and pairing boots, gorgeous silk scarves, an overcoat, or a long winter dress with fur jackets can be a great way to style the outfit. Going minimal on jewellery is better for more formal occasions, as it looks sophisticated.

Pairing tips for different types of clothing

You could use a clutch bag for different kinds of clothing, like a velvet dress, a wrap, or a shift dress, and pair up blazers and heels or wedges. As party wear, winter dresses for ladies’ silks are a great option as they look both smart and stylish. You could opt for a silk maxi or a silk mini winter dress.

Brand Collections

RustOrange has different winter dresses inspired by premium designer brands. These brand collection dresses make their way even to the ramp walks and make style statements.

Style your winter wardrobe and make it fashionable. With RustOrange and its super-quality online selections, you can get the best dress and change your style quickly as you browse the trendiest outfits.


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