Baby Pink Bandhani Printed Kaftan DressBaby Pink Bandhani Printed Kaftan Dress
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Baby Pink Bandhani Printed Kaftan Dress

Rs. 1,259 Rs. 4,199
Black Floral Kaftan Dress with BeltBlack Floral Kaftan Dress with Belt
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Black Floral Kaftan Dress with Belt

Rs. 849 Rs. 3,399
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Mint Green Floral Kaftan Dress with BeltMint Green Floral Kaftan Dress with Belt
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Mint Green Floral Kaftan Dress with Belt

Rs. 849 Rs. 3,399
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Beige Floral Kaftan Dress with BeltBeige Floral Kaftan Dress with Belt
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Beige Floral Kaftan Dress with Belt

Rs. 849 Rs. 3,399
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Wine Black Half & Half Leaf Print KaftanWine Black Half & Half Leaf Print Kaftan
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Wine Black Half & Half Leaf Print Kaftan

Rs. 819 Rs. 3,299
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Rust Indigo Half & Half Leaf Print KaftanRust Indigo Half & Half Leaf Print Kaftan
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Rust Indigo Half & Half Leaf Print Kaftan

Rs. 989 Rs. 3,299
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Mustard Brown Half & Half Leaf Print KaftanMustard Brown Half & Half Leaf Print Kaftan
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Mustard Brown Half & Half Leaf Print Kaftan

Rs. 819 Rs. 3,299
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A kaftan dress has fascinated women for ages across countries and has earned a rightful position in the fashion industry. It makes a fashion statement. Its incredible adaptability, which provides a classic elegance that outlives trends, gives it an irresistible appeal. At RustOrange, we recognise that contemporary Indian women prefer clothes that allow them to combine comfort and elegance. The graceful appearance of the kaftan suits all body shapes.

Our kaftans, made from high-quality fabrics like silk and linen, are incredibly comfortable and perfect for both a casual daytime outing and a glamorous evening event. Their versatility is proven by their high demand. Discover the ideal kaftan dress in our collection to add charm and flair to your appearance.

Types of Kaftan Dresses

At RustOrange, you can buy kaftan, versatility with a gorgeous latest collection of kaftan dresses, each designed to flatter your unique style.

Embroidered Kaftan:

Adding embroidery to a plain outfit transforms it into an attractive centrepiece. It is best for happy events like Puja or Diwali. You can wear beautiful earrings that complement the embroidery thread work in your embroidered kaftan dress. Makeup should be subtle and minimal.

Bandhani Print Kaftan:

A bright kaftan with a Bandhani print gives you a glimpse of India's rich history. Simple stud earrings are a great way to accessorise these lovely dresses for casual get-togethers, allowing the vibrant colours of the Bandhani fabric to speak for themselves. Makeup should be natural and fresh so that the bold colours can really stand out.

Floral Kaftan:

You can dress up a floral kaftan for any occasion. Wear your flowery kaftan with comfy heels and a beautiful necklace for an impression of class. Keep it basic with sandals and little makeup for a more carefree look. 

Velvet Kaftan:

A velvet kaftan's rich texture and gloss instantly transform your appearance, making it the ideal option for formal events like weddings and evening parties where a hint of richness is required. Choose striking jhumkas, an expensive clutch adorned with kundan embroidery, and a striking lip shade.

Belted Kaftan:

With a contemporary belted appearance, this style of kaftan elongates your waist and creates a beautiful posture. This look offers a hint of refinement without sacrificing comfort, making it ideal for work or social events. Pair your belted kaftan with a delicate chain necklace and heels for a professional look.

Kaftan Co-ord Set:

Kaftan co-ord sets provide a refined look without the expense of matching outfits. Perfect for any event, whether an easy day out or an elegant get-together, just slip on your co-ord set and add the bare minimum of accessories. Wear heels or flats if you want to dress up or down.

You may choose the ideal kaftan dress for any event and your style from RustOrange's extensive selection.

Materials Used

Cotton Kaftans: 

This lightweight fabric is ideal for kaftan dresses. Our cotton kaftan dresses are perfect for creating a carefree and elegant look. They have a loose flow and come in a variety of brilliant colours and lively patterns.

Georgette Kaftans:

It gives your appearance a sophisticated touch, which makes it an alluring option for weddings, joyous occasions, or any occasion where elegance is required.

Crepe Kaftans:

This fabric is well known for its exquisite drape. It makes kaftans flow naturally while keeping their rigid shape. Our wide selection of crepe kaftans has something for every taste, regardless of your preference for striking or delicate prints.

Look through RustOrange's amazing selection of short kaftan dress and long kaftan dresses to find the ideal material to confidently and elegantly dress up your appearance.

Colours and Patterns

RustOrange has put together a gorgeous selection of kaftans designs in a range of vibrant colours to go with every event or persona.

Lavish Colours:

Exotic colours such as amethyst purple, sapphire blue, and emerald green offer a sense of eternal elegance. These vibrant colours radiate elegance and are ideal for an official party or a fun evening.

Vibrant Colors:

Use Tangerine Orange, Coral Pink, and Mango Yellow to capture the colourful essence of India. These bright colours liven up your day and are perfect for a relaxing nightwear kaftan or afternoon gathering.

Bold Colors:

We provide a variety of natural tones, such as Saffron, Mustard Yellow, and porcelain, driven by the rich Indian heritage. These calming tones radiate a carefree elegance that is ideal for an informal day at the office.

Monochromatic Colors:

RustOrange has chic Black and white kaftans dresses for the minimalist on your list. These versatile designs offer an outline for accessorising, enabling you to consistently make a distinctive impression.

  1. A Variety of Exquisite Patterns:

Our kaftans have a captivating variety of patterns that go beyond colours to bring out your character:

  1. Floral Patterns: Adorn yourself with the classic charm of floral or tiny buti designs. These elegant designs give your appearance a hint of femininity.

  2. Mandala Pattern: Our kaftan dresses collection is adorned with elaborate mandala patterns that evoke a sense of calm and cultural richness.

  3. Geometric designs: Try some striking geometric designs for a modern look. Ikat designs, chevrons, and stripes give your outfit a hint of contemporary elegance.

  4. Abstract Designs: With our assortment of abstract kaftan kurtis, discover your creative side. Vibrant paint strokes and engrossing patterns combine to create an outstanding statement piece.

At RustOrange, every woman deserves a kaftan dresses exude that embodies her distinct personality. Look through our huge selection of kaftans online to find the perfect outfit to weave your magic.

Styling Kaftan Dresses

Let's discuss the basic style tips to make the most of your collection of kaftans for women:

  1. Festive Events: Wearing a jewel-toned kaftan in sapphire blue or emerald green will make an elegant and striking entry at celebratory events. Accessorise the kaftan gown with palazzo and dupatta, classy pearl earrings, a subtly shimmering clutch bag, and comfortable heels.

  2. Workplace: Wear a black or white solid-coloured kaftan to convey relaxed elegance. For a sophisticated workwear look, combine it with fitted trousers and flats.
  1. Holiday: Adheres to vibrant colours for an unforgettable holiday appearance. A brightly coloured kaftan dress, such as coral pink or mango yellow will bring some energy. For a sophisticated yet carefree look, pair it with subtle jewellery and cosy sandals.
  1. Casual: For a carefree day out, a flowy cotton kaftan top with a swirl or floral print is perfect. For a hint of carefree flair, pair it with a tote purse and cosy flats.

    How to Master the Art of Pairing:

  1. Leggings: Wearing leggings with your kaftan will give you a relaxed yet stylish look. Try a silky kaftan dress and fabrics like cotton leggings for a visual contrast, or go bold with adorned leggings for an exciting splash of appearance.

  2. Palazzo Pants: Wear flowy palazzo pants to accentuate the elegance of your kaftan gown. This combo is perfect for a classy dinner or formal occasion. For a more unified style, try using contrasting colours, or try out opposing prints of kaftan with pants for a more striking effect.

  3. Denims: Don't follow the crowd and wear your kaftan suits with denims. Fitting denim jeans go well with a solid-colored kaftan, or a classic denim jacket gives a printed one a dash of contemporary flair.

  4. Belts: A dramatic belt tying your kaftan around the waist defines your silhouette. Using this technique, you may customise your style while adding structure.
  1. Accessories: Accessories your style with carefully selected items. Instead of layering delicate chains with necklaces, choose striking bracelets and eye-catching earrings. A striking scarf or a simple headpiece can provide an ethnic flair.


Brand Collections

While popular brands like Biba, Rangriti, and Global Desi offer a variety of traditional kaftan dresses, RustOrange offers a unique shopping experience. Our primary focus is superior craftsmanship, premium fabrics, and unique patterns beyond created trends.

RustOrange offers a variety of gorgeous flowing kaftan kurtas made of silk that feels soft on your skin and embellished with gorgeous motifs that hint at an extensive heritage. A kaftan dress should be a wardrobe staple, a statement piece, and an expression of your unique style.


With a range of lively colours, modern designs, and opulent materials, RustOrange crafts a collection that embodies the classic grace of the kaftan dress for women and is meant to uplift any woman. RustOrange offers the ideal kaftan set to showcase your individual style, whether you're looking for dramatic attire for a formal event or a breezy outfit for a casual holiday.

Every women’s kaftan dress is handcrafted with care from the finest materials as part of our dedication to excellence, offering a superior fit and drape. A kaftan dress pattern symbolizes Indian women's alluring personality, self-expression, and love for tradition. With RustOrange, discover the infinite options and recreate style. It's not just about looking good; it's about feeling special.


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